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April 2018-

Our third annual Wellness Walk for Mental Health month will be held at the Heyburn Riverside Park from 5 -7 pm on the 18th of May. We'll have booths with activities and prizes as well as a small meal and of course our big raffle at the end. So come and join us everyone and help spread awareness as to mental health needs and strengths in our community!


Thanks for all your support and please let us know if you have any fantastic ideas on how OATS can better serve the great state of IDAHO. ------OATS Family Center Team

For any questions or ideas please call 208-679-CARE (2273)













- Our Mission -

 To Create an Environment Promoting a Lifetime of Sobriety for Individuals and Families.


Reap What You Sow


About The
OATS Family Center

OATS Family Center is a community based non-profit organization that offers help for people who want to live a life of sobriety no matter the abuse.

OATS serves the whole family and promoting sobriety (adults and adolescent).

Services  Provided by the OATS (Opposites of Addiction Treatment Services) Family Center include:


OATS Family Center assists in completing Legal, Health and Welfare, and Probation obligations by teaching accountability through Choosing Sobriety and Serenity Everyday.













You reap what you sow.

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